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Coulters, Discs & Scrapers

Empire Coulters are made with high quality steel and are heat treated. Our coulters and discs are made with quality and reliability in mind and are designed to exceed OEM requirements for long and dependable use. They are available with most radial hole patterns and countersunk holes are available upon request. Look through the Bolt Patterns chart for more information on what we have to offer.

Chart Display Options:


Available for most Radial Hole patterns, also No Radial Holes.

Countersunk holes available upon request.

Double Bevel Edge available upon request.

3.00mm 3.5mm 4.5mm 5.0mm 6.35mm
12 300mm
14 350mm
16 400mm
17 432mm
18 450mm
18 3/8 467mm
19 483mm
20 508mm
22 559mm
24 610mm


Plain or Notched (Scalloped).

Available in most centre hole patterns.

Radial holes available upon request.

Flat Back; Unsharpened Edge; Raised Centres; Re-Rollable – all available upon request.

3.00mm 3.5mm 5.0mm 6.35mm 7.5mm Concavity
12 300mm
14 350mm 1.17″
16 400mm 1.50″
18 450mm 1.75″
20 508mm 2.0″
22 559mm
24 610mm


DS Barton ADO-2 ADO-2-V2
Left 23001 93 9193
Right 23002 94 9194