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18″ Coulter Blade 3/16″ Thick (C1817B-4)


18″ Coulter Blade 3/16″ Thick (C1817B-4)
2.562” Round Axle w/ Four 17/32” Bolts placed 2.0” from center

High-grade boron steel, expert fitment, and dependable cutting performance. Empire coulters are cut a above.

Part # 18″ Coulter Blade 3/16″ Thick (C1817B-4)
Category Agriculture
Type Coulter
Thickness 0.197''
Bolt Hole Number and Size 4
Bolt Circle 4
Type Bolt-Pattern
Diameter 18”
MM 5
Concavity 0
To Fit Axle or Arbor Size 2.562
Dual or Single Punch Single
Edge Type Err:522
Bolt Hole Size 0.531
Product Category Empire Coulters

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