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16″ SlimWedge HD Sweep (SW14-16)


SlimWedge HD 16″ 1/4″ Thick

Our XLL (Xtra Long Life) & Heavy Duty line of sweeps are specially designed to last through heavy use.
The XLL sweeps feature an extended nose and tapered wing width.
The HD sweeps feature wider wings along their entire length.

Field cultivators make their appearance in the spring and fall, preparing for planting or cleaning up after harvest. Use for soil layer break up, weed-control, trash burial, and fertilizer incorporation. The SlimWedge system is a simple, fast way to lock on and remove our high quality sweeps. The SlimLock is placed in the lower clip seat and the sweep is driven up the clip. When the SlimLock snaps into the hole in the sweep stem, it is locked into place.The Empire Driver is an excellent tool to assist with installations. The Retainer Releasing Tool makes unlocking simple and easy. The user just engages it in place, presses the SlimLock down and drives the sweep off.

Part # 16″ SlimWedge HD Sweep (SW14-16)
Category Agriculture
Type Deep Tillage Sweeps
Attachment Method Slimwedge
Crown Height Standard
Wing Profile Parallel Wing
Size 16”400mm
Thickness 1/4”6mm
Center N/A
Width 16"
Weight/ea 7.9 lbs
Product Category Empire Deep Tillage Sweeps, Empire Heavy Duty & Extra Large, Empire SlimWedge System

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