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7″ Field Cultivator Sweep (AS49-07)


7″ Field Cultivator Sweep 1/4″ Thick 47° Shank

7/16” Bolts spaced 1 3/4”

Coin Top Low Crown

Field cultivators make their appearance in the spring and fall, preparing for planting or cleaning up after harvest. We do everything possible to deliver effective and long-lasting tools; our cultivators built out of hard 10B30 Boron steel with quality craftsmanship. Use for soil layer break up, weed-control, trash burial, and fertilizer incorporation.

Part # 7″ Field Cultivator Sweep (AS49-07)
Category Agriculture
Type Field Cultivator Sweeps
Attachment Method Bolt-on
Crown Height Low Crown
Wing Profile Parallel Wing
Size 7”175mm
Thickness 1/4”6mm
Shank Angle 47°
Hole Spacing 1 3/4"45mm
Bolt Size 7/16”11mm
Width 7”
Weight/10 ?? lbs
Product Category 47° Shank Angle, Bolt On Sweeps, Field Cultivator Sweeps

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