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Soil Saver Moldboard RH (CPMR)



Part Number: CPMR

Reversible, replaceable moldboard

Mounts to CPFR frog

Heat treated, high carbon steel

Also available hardsurfaced Part # CPMRHS

Bolt Size : 1/2″,
Description : Chisel plow moldboard left,
Thickness : 3/8*,
Weight/ea : 7.0 lbs,
Width : 4″
Brand Models:
Glencoe – Coulter Chisels,
Landoll – Coulter Chisels,
Bush Hog – Field Cultivator Sweeps,
Deutz-Allis – Coulter Chisels,
DMI – Coulter Chisels,
Krause – Coulter Chisels,
Kent – Coulter Chisels,
Brillion – Coulter Chisels,
Kelley – Coulter Chisels,
Steiger – Coulter Chisels
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Part # Soil Saver Moldboard RH (CPMR)
Width 4”
Weight/ea 7.0 lbs
Thickness 3/8"
Description Chisel plow moldboard left
Product Category 3-Piece Chisel Parts, Chisel Plow Sweeps, Spikes and Shovels, and Twisted Chisels

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