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20″ AI Notched Coulter (N20197AI)


NotchCoulter .197″ 20″1814DS

Part Number: N20197AI

Diameter : 20”,
Machine Application : Allis Chalmers, IH, Glencoe,
Thickness : .197 (5 mm),
Weight/ea : 16.3 lbs
Brand Models:
Allis Chalmers – Notched Coulters,
IH – Notched Coulters,
Glencoe – Notched Coulters
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Part # 20″ AI Notched Coulter (N20197AI)
Category Agriculture
Type Coulter
Machine Application Allis Chalmers|Glencoe|IH
Thickness 0.197''
Bolt Hole Number and Size N/A
Bolt Circle N/A
Type Scalloped
Diameter 20”
MM 5
Concavity 0
To Fit Axle or Arbor Size 1.125, 1.25
Dual or Single Punch Dual
Bolt Hole Size N/A
Product Category Coulter Blades>Notched coulters

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